Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Franklin & Bash

Well...I know as a contributor I have been lacking, however, my newly developed passion for Franklin & Bash has brought me back to posting. When I first saw Zack Morris was trying yet another law show (I believe this makes 3), I was disappointed. Another flop for Zack :( However, the inclusion of Brekin Meyer lead me to watch.

I was incredibly impressed. Clearly, the plot is simple, two jokester adult teenagers who act as lawyers, winning cases in shockingly immature manners. The writing is reminiscent of early Aron Sorkin. The dialogue is fast paced and generally witty, with a modern geeky technology twist. Both Meyer and Gosselaar (who I will now stop referring to as Morris) are actually great in their roles. Granted they are quite similar to their early 90s immaturity, but it works.

Joining the already 90s powerful cast is Malcolm McDowell as the powerful head attorney who looms power over everyone. Essentially, the same character he plays in entourage, but with a tad more comedy. I am also incredibly impressed by the anti social misfit supporting cast of Kumain Nanjiani (who plays an agrophobic paralegal) and Garcelle Beauvais (who plays the former felon turn legal aid). I would definitely check this show out.

TNT wednesdays at 9pm :)


dobber said...

And Malcolm McDowell can do no wrong.

Maggie Cats said...

I just don't think I can do it. The ads for this show have done nothing but turn me off of and the "immauture male lawyers behaving badly" thing just irritates me to no end. Having said all THAT, I am glad you like and I definitely want Mark Paul to have a hit so I am going to keep my fingers crossed for great ratings and a long-running show!