Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Miss. Marple

Pssst......Disney. This is Miss. Marple:

This is decidedly NOT Miss. Marple.

In case you hadn't heard, Disney is developing a new modern adaptation of Miss. Marple with a youngified lead played by Jennifer Garner. Sigh. That sound you hear is Agatha Christie rolling over in her grave.

Not that I don't like Jennifer Garner, don't get me wrong. I really enjoy Alias, and even sat through Elektra for Christ's sake. But she is NOT Miss. Marple. Part of the joy of Miss. Marple is that she is this adorable whip-smart older lady. So screw you, Disney.

Also check out this article, I love the title: Oh, for fuck's sake: Jennifer Garner will play the new Miss Marple.


Scienter said...

Jennifer Garner is pretty ancient by Hollywood standards. She's what, 35? In Hollywood years that's the same thing as being 65.

But seriously, WTF, Disney?

Clovis said...

apparently "Marple" is now "M.A.R.P.L.E - Martial Arts/Recondite Programs and Liaison Expert". i wish i was making this shit up.

Epic fail, disney. and double to you, hollywood. also, why the hell does jennifer garner need to play that role again?