Tuesday, March 15, 2011

For the past month I have been obsessed with Neil Gaiman's graphic novel, The Sandman. I whipped my way through all 10 volumes (75 issues) and am now working through the extra volumes he wrote that have acted as kind of sequels/prequels. Neil Gaiman has been my favorite author for years (basically since I first read Neverwhere in law school), but for some reason I always resisted reading The Sandman. It wasn't for any specific reason--I just never got around to it. Well, that takes care of THAT.

I've seen online that there were several attempts to adapt the graphic novels into films, but for one reason or another they have all fizzled out. I know Neil Gaiman has said (because the wikipedia article told me so) that he would rather have no Sandman movie than a bad one. Well, duh. But he also stated that if a movie did happen he needed someone who loved the source material as much as Peter Jackson did with Lord of the Rings to really do it justice. Fair enough.

So imagine my surprise when I noticed an article on USA Today's Pop Candy blog talking about how a recent adaptation of the graphic novels into a television series had stalled. Whaaaa? Someone was going to make it a tv show?? And it was going to be Supernatural's Eric Kripke??? According to this site, Kripke had been developing The Sandman into a series (possibly for HBO) but he mentioned during the recent Paley Festival that it wasn't going to happen next season.

It was like all at once I had been offered a really cool gift and then it was jerked right away. The Sandman on HBO? Oh, wait, no. Sorry.

It might seem weird to blog about a tv show that will probably never happen, but the entire point of this post is to encourage you to read the series and maybe one day a good television adaptation will actually happen. But until then: READ IT. Seriously. You will not regret it; it's a beautiful series that combines so many classic story-telling elements, is so well written, and is just so poetic even if you are not a comics fan (like me), you'll get lost in it.

And bonus: if you read the series you'll get my Halloween costume this year when I go as Death. Hurray!

I'm totally pale enough to pull this off.

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