Monday, April 04, 2011

Big Love: The Final Season

This post contains spoilers for Season 5 and the finale of Big Love. You have been warned!

Well, that's another show over. After 5 seasons (and three almost four wives), HBO bid a fond adieu to Big Love not too long ago. Yes, I am a bit behind, and no, I don't care. That is what On Demand is for.

The show went out with a bang...literally. As you may or may not know, Bill kicks it in the end, shot by his crazy neighbor. And it didn't have anything to do with polygamy or politics or really anything...nope, the neighbor had just been slowly descending into mental problems following the loss of his job and his feelings of inadequacy. Apparently, Bill resodding the neighbor's lawn without being asked was just too emasculating and he felt the only recourse was to shoot Bill in the chest. Dude, it's called Xanax. Try it instead of bullets next time.

But Bill died as he lived, surrounded by his loving wives. And, in what I found to be a nice touch, at the end he finally accepted that his first wife (Barb) also has a touch of the divine in her and asked for a blessing. For someone who had been unable to accept that a woman could hold the priesthood, he sure came around fast, didn't he? Of course the three bullets that had just torn up his chest probably helped with the change of heart. Get it? Change of heart? Bullets in the chest?

Oh, shut up. Everyone's a critic.

Other things that I liked about the ending of the show and the last season in general: the destruction of the Juniper Creek compound, Alby FINALLY getting his comeuppance (seriously, has there ever been a more effed-up creepy villain?), Barb calling Bill and Mormonism in general on his/its misogynistic bullshit, Nikki admitting that she is a horrible person and gaining some personal insight, and Margene getting the hell out of dodge and getting to live her life. Oh, and Ben ended up with Heather, yay!

Whitney mentioned to me the other day that she was hating the last season, but I have to disagree. Things certainly got melodramatic, but hey, it's tv! At times you just had to wonder what else could possibly happen to these people, but the show was still able to retain its central premise: this may be an unusual family with three times the usual number of wives, but at the end of the day, it is still a family. A lot of their problems are our problems (who will pick up the car from the shop? How do we survive in a failing economy?) and while I don't need to deal with crazy in-bred polygamous false prophets coming after me, sometimes I have trouble talking to my family members, you know?

And honestly? Any show that kills off Bill Paxton is ok with me. Despite really liking the show, I find him SO ANNOYING. In everything. But especially Twister.

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