Thursday, February 17, 2011

Such a Tease

This afternoon I received the following text from my friend Wendy:

"OMG! Firefly is coming back!!!"

My response: "WHAT"

I experienced an instantaneous jump in heart rate and a million thoughts started running through my head. "But Nathan Fillion is on Castle...and Summer Glau is on The Cape, oh wait, that's getting canceled...will it be set 10 years in the future or something, I wonder if the costumes will be the same, and I bet Zoey is going to be even more badass..."

But then, a couple of texts later, I figured out what Wendy was actually telling me. Turns out the Science Channel will be broadcasting the full 15 episodes of Firefly. You're probably thinking, what the crap does Firefly have to do with science? It's science FICTION. But here's the cool part: after each episode, there will be short segments where a physicist weighs in on the science behind the fiction. Neat, right?

Entertainment Weekly managed to get Captain Tightpants himself on the phone for a brief interview about the "return" of Firefly. Basically, he would play Mal again in a second, one of the best things about the character was the low slung holster (HOT), and the reason why the show is still so popular is because of the genius of Joss' stories.

Sure, it's not as good as new episodes, but hey, we'll take what we can get, right? We Browncoats are nothing if not optimistic. Firefly starts airing on the Science Channel on March 6 with the pilot showing at 8pm and the first hour long episode at 10pm. After that, episodes will air (in the intended order!) on Sunday nights.


Scienter said...

I was fooled for a second, too. :( I need to figure out if I get the Science Channel, the part with the physicist sounds interesting. I watched The Cape pilot when I was on travel board and I just couldn't get into it. :/ I keep telling myself I'll start watching Castle, everyone tells me it's great.

Maggie Cats said...

I've got Comcast digital and I do get the science channel, hurray! I don't think I have it in HD which is not as cool, but agreed that the physicist part sounds cool. I guess they had to do SOMETHING to make it more science-y.