Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not a Fan of the Bieber but Loving the Rent

Where has Whitney's evil rants on Glee been? I know this has been plaguing you at night. How have you coped without my countless references to plot whiplash and improbable plot turns? Well I guess the main reason I haven't posted was I have been shockingly happy with the past few episodes.

Plot whiplash has finally stopped. I do not feel lost every time I watch an episode and I am easily following who is dating whom. I thoroughly enjoyed the Valentine's Day episode. The songs lacked anything I would download, but the plot was sweet and I had several aww moments. My favorite moment of the past 3 episodes was Mike Cheng fawning over Tina when she got hurt in the football game. It was so sweet :)

Tonight's episode was plot perfect. It was cute and I am truly enjoying the "Sam" character. Now, I am not a 10 year old girl, so the Bieber songs weren't remotely enjoyable. In fact, I had given up on enjoying songs in this episode until I heard the opening chords of my favorite rent song. I will give Lea Michele and Amber Riley credit. They did an excellent rendition of "Take me baby" sans lesbianism. I was impressed by the range of their voices. Overall I liked the plots and was touched by the scene in the cancer ward.

That all being said I have one MAJOR issue with Glee. During the superbowl episode I noticed a great deal of product placement. I chalked that up to the superbowl, however, it has continued into the next two episodes. Have you noticed the "slushies" are now in 7-11 big gulps? Also, Santana told puck in the Valentine's day episode "she went to Jahred." Come on producers of glee! Don't stop believin! Don't Sell Out! I know its too late, but I can hope.


Jenna said...

I was so excited to hear Rent! They did a fabulous job with it.

Laura said...

i agree entirely with your assessment. though i haven't noticed the product placement, i'm sure i will now!

Jennifer said...

I must confess that I do not enjoy Justin Beiber and was not super excited about this episode because of that. However, I found the songs much more attractive when not sung by a pre-pubescent boy. And, I can't say they weren't catchy, because I def caught my self singing "and I was like...bay-beh, bay-beh, bay-beh...Ohhhh..." The low point in the episode for me was the cancer ward episode. Why? We're singing, Beiber-ed out and suddenly, sick kids and "This little light of mine..." I just didn't see how we ended up there. Dare I say it....Plot Whiplash? Hmmm. But seriously, I love that Puck is so hard up for Lauren. 'Bout time someone tames that boy!