Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who is the Hollywood Foreign Press anyway? Oh, wait, I don't care.

Sunday's Golden Globes held very few surprises. For the most part, all the big winners were projected in advance (The Social Network, Glee, Colin Firth, Natalie Portman, etc), and there didn't seem to be a lot of fun in the evening. The big highlights for me were Tina Fey and Steve Carrel, Chris Colfer, and Jane Lynch, but other than that, meh.

Of course the big talk of the night is host Ricky Gervais and whether he went "too far". While watching the recorded awards with my Mom last night (she had already watched it Sunday but rewatched it with me because she "enjoys hearing [my] colorful commentary."), I was initially a bit taken aback that Gervais was "going there." You know what I mean; making jokes about the nominated movies just being bad (The Tourist), closeted Scientologists (clearly Tom Cruise directed), and helping the aging President of the HFPA off the toilet before the show. My Mom found him "disgusting"and "rude," but I had to admit that I laughed at most of the jokes. Well, first I gasped but then laughed.

The HFPA issued a statement on Monday to Entertainment Weekly, basically saying that they hired Ricky Gervais because they knew he would push the envelope. While my Mom is convinced that he will never be asked to host the show again...come on. The Globes won their time slot and the demo of younger viewers, and the networks and HFPA ain't no fools--most of the time. People are talking about their award show. Not the actual awards, of course, but they want people watching that show and Ricky Gervais is going to deliver.

Not that I think he was a particularly good host. Sure, some of his lines were shocking and kinda funny, but he didn't really do a lot to move the show along and keep the audience warmed up. Whenever he came out, it was more of a "oh God, here we go again" feeling rather than "hurray, jokes!" I read a CNN article where they said he was rude but honest and I think that's pretty accurate. The things he said may have been true, but it's usually not the kind of things one says in polite company. But not that I feel sorry for the people Gervais was targeting. These are the wealthiest and best looking people in the world. Just because most people don't have the balls to call them on their crazy shit doesn't mean they don't deserve it. So basically, everyone should stop clutching their diamonds (pearls are so old fashioned) and try to be good sports.

Besides, everyone is just watching to see all the pretty dresses. My pick for best dressed? Anne Hathaway:

And worst dressed: Christina Aguilera. Get your shit TOGETHER, girl. You look like an old tramp and you are still in your 20s. Also? Try wearing a dress that actually fits your boobs.

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