Thursday, January 20, 2011

Secret Boyfriend of the Week: Native American Edition

This past week I have been watching Big Love. Non-stop. In the morning: Big Love. In the evening: Big Love.

And trust me, that's a lot of Bill Paxton. It might even be more than one person can take. But the show is just too addicting, and with the Season 5 (final season!) having just started, I needed to make sure I was caught up with the happs of Season 4. And then of course, it doesn't hurt that Season 4 includes some aaaaaawesome eye candy.

I give you Adam Beach:

You might also know him from the film Windtalkers and Law and Order: SVU. I know him from being hot.

According to IMDB, he is from Manitoba, Canada (we'll forgive him that), is a Saulteaux Indian and a member of the Ojibwa Nation. And not only is he adorable, but he also does speaking engagements all over North America with Native American and First Nation youth. See? Socially responsible. Love him.

But who really cares about all that? I mean, sure that's nice, but this is what matters.

Sadly, IMDB does not indicate that he is in Season 5 which is a damn shame.

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