Monday, July 06, 2009

Its Well Hung

I am a huge fan of Trueblood and I haven't missed an episode yet this summer (but that's for another blog entry) therefore it was IMPOSSIBLE to miss the countless commercials for HBOs new show HUNG. For those of you unaware, year after year HBO has tried to fill the spot after Entourage or the void. I previously blogged about this slot as being a black hole that shows enter into but never make it out of. First i think it was The Comeback with Lisa Kudrow in 2005, then Lucky Louie in 2007. More recently they attempted the Life and Times of Tim, this show was great and got signed for another two years.

So HBO has set its new show HUNG to be doomed by putting it in the 10 30 Sunday night time slot. However, last week they played it at 10 and I had a chance to watch.

First of all, it is a really great show that both my husband and I truly enjoyed.

It is about a high school teacher who can not get by on the salary, especially after a divorce and his house burning down, so he decides to join the world's oldest profession. After taking a "how to be a millionaire course," Ray Drecker (played by Thomas Pane) decided to put in add in a local paper and begin turning tricks.

The show is set in Detroit, and the director is really playing up the gloom, but cutting to pictures of empty factories and municpal buildings in the opening credits. It is clear this show is meant to be a drama with humorous undertones and not vice versa.

So far I truly like the acting, the characters and the premise. Just to mix it up the show includes Anne Heche as Dreckers ex wife. And of course there is sex.....if you are in the mood for a nice naked scene...tune in. However, I wouldn't count on seeing the package the show is named for. I get this will be nudity, but not the XXX kind.

I hope this show makes it despite its doomed time slot.

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dobber said...

I'll admit I was a bit skeptical, but this has been my favorite post-entourage-time-slot show since Tourgasm.