Thursday, July 16, 2009

Emmy Nominations

For better or worse, the Emmy nominations are here. Well, here actually. So what do we think? Here all the tv sluts weigh in on the nominations. While some of our opinions differ, what we all seem to agree on is the increasing irrelevance of the Emmys. Seriously. Do they even matter anymore?

I will start this off by saying that i don't get HBO and have never watched fully half the shows that got Emmy nods this year. And i have only ever watched one of the comedy series noms -- The Office -- which i gave up on after the "Dinner Party" episode that made me crawl under my couch and shiver for a solid twenty minutes. That said... here are my thoughts on this year's Emmy nominations, or at least the ones i care about. Woohoo!

First, allow me to question WTF is up with House apparently squeaking in to a specially-made seventh slot for Best Drama Series. I mean, they killed Kutner! i have a complicated relationship with House in general, but i don't think this season was Emmy-worthy, especially given work they've done in the past. Granted, i don't watch most of the rest of those shows, but i believe it must be said: WHERE IS THE LOVE FOR BATTLESTAR, EMMY NOMINATION COMMITTEE?!

That carries over into my thoughts on Best Actor and Best Actress for Drama. I mean, i know the last half-hour of the last episode was ... let's call it "divisive," but Mary McConnell especially just burned my screen down this season, and Edward James Olmos went some unexpected and awesome places this year with Adama. I will say, however, that overall i am pleased with the slate of strong awesome women the past few years (although Sally Field is kind of the House of leading ladies at this point, isn't she?). And if Michael Emerson doesn't win for Best Supporting Actor, i will personally sic the smoke monster on the committee. Rarely have i seen an actor inhabit a character so fully or so well as he does Ben Linus. Chills.

I'm also disappointed 1) that Two and a Half Men is still in existence, much less an Emmy-nominated television program, and 2) that Chuck didn't get any love. God, what a criminally underrated show. And finally: no SYTYCD? No Cat Deeley? A travesty.

I love me some MILF-Weed! Yes, I admit it, I love Mary-Louise Parker and I am happy to see her and Weeds get any sort of recognition. While, Season 4 was definitely a change of pace, moving away from the suburbia we love, there was something completely entrancing about this last season. I only wish I had Showtime to stay current as well as keep up with Californication, which (although I have not see the 2nd season) I am sure got robbed of some richly deserved nominations. On the other hand, why is Entourage in the Best Comedy category. While I've enjoyed Vince, Ari, and Company I have not been as thrilled with the show as of late and it seems this is one of those cases where a show is getting a nod for previous work not for its current state. In other Best Comedy categories... NPH!!! Need I say more? And of course, it would not be a Jeff-posting if I did not ask: where is the Chuck love? No Emmy love for Scott Bakula as a guest star and no love for the show's title character? I shall just have to console myself with the great fact that it is, at least, come back for another year.

Now to Drama... who does not love some Hugh Laurie and his work this season was 2nd to none. I am thrilled to see him, and the show, fighting for some Emmys. Of course I'd settle for the show to come back tomorrow so I can see Hugh Laurie battling Andre Braugher! Otherwise, the Drama listing was rather ho-hum. Surprised to see Sandra Oh in for Grey's. While she was good, and I lived for scenes between Vorenus, I mean Poseidon, I mean Dr. Owen Hunt (which was the reason I even watched this season and got hooked despite myself), all in all I did not think her work was particularly good compared to others.

Overall, it's a big fat, Who Really Cares? I know, it is sacrilege that I even utter such a thing, but over the last few years I've found myself caring less and less about what shows get nominated for what. What matters to me is shows I love stay on the air. And, really, Emmy noms help but they don't guarantee the shows we love stick around. Nor are they always a great barometer of what is great TV (Buffy being disses, anyone?).

Maggie Cats:
Whatever. No nominations for Friday Night Lights, no nominations for Battlestar Galatica, almost nothing for Pushing Daisies. Meanwhile, Boston Legal, Two and a Half Men, and Entourage continue to get nominations. Is there no justice? Is there no fairness in the world? But now that I think about it, it's not even worth the aggravation. Eff you Emmies. The only thing you got right was Michael Emerson and Kristen Chenowith.

Monkey Sri:
1. Apparently I need to Netflix Generation Kill, Grey Gardens, and Little Dorrit because they're nominated for every damn thing.

2. I love how "Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series" is four episodes of 30 Rock versus one episode of Flight of the Conchords. It will only be interesting if it doesn't win. The same goes for So You Think You Can Dance in "Outstanding Choreography."

3. "Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup For A Series, Miniseries, Movie Or A Special"? Why don't they just call it, "Time for a Bathroom Break"?

4. For the Lead Actresses ... I kind of really want Sally Field to get "Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series," just to see if she'll say anything crazy. If Sarah Silverman beats Tina Fey for "Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series," I will punch my TV.

5. I saw a bit of Kevin Kline's Cyrano de Bergerac. He should get "Outstanding Lead Actor In A Miniseries Or A Movie" just for keeping a straight face while acting opposite Jennifer Garner.

6. Since Sheldon is my secret TV boyfriend from The Big Bang Theory, I really hope he gets "Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series." Go, Jim Parsons!

7. Alec In Huluwood should totally win "Outstanding Commercial."

8. The nominees for "Outstanding Children's Program" are all part of the Disney Talent Farm... *eye roll*.

9. I really hope Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends wins "Outstanding Animated Program." Who even watches Afro Samurai, anyway?

Whitney (with a strong opinion as usual):
Overall, I have given up on the Emmys. Every year I get annoyed about something. This year is the prevalence of SNL. First of all, who other than tweens is watching SNL? When did it even become socially relevant again? I don't care if you caught a sketch on YouTube..NO ONE WATCHES! This year SNL received 13 nominations! 13!!! This includes: Amy Poehler & Kristin Wiig for best supporting actress in a comedy series, Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series, One for writing, and two for Tina Fey and Justin Timberlake for hosting. I want to scream! SNL is awful these days, and I don't know why the emmys nominated something that is POPULAR rather than quality! That is all.

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Caroline said...

Oh, i'd say SNL was relevant this year. I mean: Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. And the Palin Rap! Priceless television.

I do see your larger point, though; SNL is relevant when they successfully skewer politicos, and that's increasingly it (except for the genius that is Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island).