Sunday, July 05, 2009


I was late to the game of So You Think You Can Dance. I started watching last year, around the time of the top 8, at the behest of some friends who kept telling me how cool it was and how everyone was doing it and just a little bit won't hurt you.

I got hooked real quick (it's so sad when a good girl goes bad) and have basically been looking forward to it all year. But alas. I'm underwhelmed.

Maybe it's because I jumped in with the top dancers last year and didn't have to wallow through the auditions or two hour episodes full of filler when the dancers are still only performing one dance a week. Or maybe it's because Comcast has clearly been conspiring against me and not recording the first half of the results shows. Anyway, it just hasn't been doing it for me this year.

While some of the dancers have made an impression (Evan, Brandon), for the most part I'm mostly meh towards them. And although Nigel occasionally provides some actual critique of the dancing, Mary's constant screeching is driving. me. crazy. Not to mention the incoherent ramblings of guest judges like Lil C, Mia Michaels, and Toni Basil.

But I can't laythe blame on the judges or the dancers. I'm afraid it's the choreographers who haven't stepped it up this year. For the most part, the routines are kinda dull or just incomprehensible (example: the alien woman trying to impregnate the last man on Earth? Really?). There have been a few exceptions: the crash test dummy dance, the Twilight inspired dance from last week, but overall, they've left me feeling kind of cold. Thankfully the dancers that are good are able to fill the so so routines with enough personality to make them memorable.

This week we've got the top 12 dancers and hopefully the soon-to-be combination of great talent, less filler, and exciting routines will bring back the show I love. Because I think it's going to take all three working together to get me interested again.

One thing I'll never stop loving: the host, Cat. She is so awesome and classy. Keep it up, girl!

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