Monday, June 16, 2008

High School Cracksical

I really don't know what to say. There is no excuse. All I can say is that I was tired, Selvi had never seen it, and I must have had some kind of aneurysm. There is no other reason why I would feel the need to watch High School Musical 1 and 2 for a second time (each) and back to back.

But Selvi had never seen them before! And I had to feed my inappropriate crush of Zac Efron!

But here's the thing. I forgot how really bad these movies are. I mean some of the songs aren't bad (You Are The Music in Me) and some are catchy (What I've Been Looking For), but most are REALLY bad. Like painfully bad. As is the acting. Except for Zac (who can do no wrong shut up I am not listening to you la la la) and Ashley Tisdale as Sharpay who is my favorite character, it's shit. But this is Disney Channel! What do you expect?

Things I was NOT expecting were a) the blatant homosexual context to the I Don't Dance number.

You say you don't dance? I beg to differ. Also, Corbin Bleu? REALLY?

b) the blatant allusions to incest between Ryan and Sharpay. They always play the leads in the school plays, you know.

They're really just brother and sister. They swear.

c) how embarrassed I was for everyone involved in the project. I literally had to avert my eyes during the Bet On It number because I was so embarrassed for Zac dancing around the golf course. Oy.

AHHHH! Cannot watch! Must avert eyes!

Yeah, but you know I will probably see the third movie. In the theatre. Oh, the shame!!

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Monkey Sri said...

That scene right after "I Don't Dance," where Ryan and Chad are wearing each other's clothes? BEST PART OF THE MOVIE!