Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Finale Round-Up

After weeks and weeks of effort, I think I have finally made my way through the season finale's of this spring's shows. So here are my thoughts:

House: I think this one takes the prize for best finale. While some have called this season uneven, I have to disagree. Even as a relative new-comer to the show, I was becoming bored by the formulaic episodes, and I thought shaking up the cast was brilliant. But the finale, with the trippiness of House's hallucinations, the slo-mo bus accident, and the aftermath of Amber's injuries and death, was fantastic. I don't often cry at tv shows, but Robert Sean Leonard and Anne Dudek knocked it out of the park and left me a quivering mass of tear and snot.

Supernatural: OMG they went there. I thought it was inevitable that Dean would get dragged to hell, but I never thought we would actually see the hellhounds rip him to shreds. I don't think I have ever squirmed so much during a television show. And once again Supernatural proves that little children are always evil. ALWAYS.

Bones: I am a very casual Bones viewer, but WTF? Zack is evil? And has his hands burned off? LAME.

Lost: People are raving about this finale, but for me it was somewhere between "very good" and "meh." Which I guess means it scores an "it was alright." The story certainly moved forward, as the Oceanic 6 finally made it off the island, and there were of course more mysteries set up for next year, such as where did the island go, but overall. Eh. Even the death of Jin lacked emotional resonance for me because we already knew he was dead and the cause (i.e. the freighter exploding) seemed the most likely culprit. I will say the most genuine moment of shock for me came when Penny appeared on the boat and she and Desmond had their emotional reunion and kiss. I thought for sure this plotline would get dragged out for years, but no! We actually had some resolution! And it was happy! Yay! Also, Claire was effing creepy in Kate's dream.

Desperate Housewives: I started watching this show this season because Nathan Fillion got added to the cast. While I found most of the characters insufferable (Susan and Gabriella, looking at you), I hung in there, and I am glad I did. The finale was exciting, unexpected, had a lot of action, and emotion. I think the shot of Katherine's mother kneeling before the toppled bookcase and Dylan's arm sticking out from underneath it is one of the most disturbing things I have seen and was truly shocking. But it wasn't gratuitous; the show had been building to the reveal of something horrible having had happen, and that certainly fit the bill. Also, Nathan Fillion came back. So, yay! As for the 5 year flash forward, meh. After Battlestar Galactica used it so awesomely, it just feels like a cliche now.

CSI: Is anyone really surprised Warrick got killed off? After the actor's drug bust and wife-beating allegations, it was only a matter of time.

The Office: Oh, boo, Toby is gone. I loved him. And curse you Andy for stealing Jim's chance to propose! The tag at the end with Angela and Dwight engaging in some carnal knowledge of one another would seem to argue against her actually marrying Andy, but who knows with this show. And will Pam be moving to New York? And whose heart did not break when Jan told Michael the baby was not his? God, this show is so good.

Ugly Betty: I don't for one minute believe that Betty would pick Gio or Henry. She is totally going to have an "I choose me!" moment, just you wait. Having said that, I am totally in the Gio camp. Henry had his time and made his choices. See you in Tucson! Also, "the blink and you'll miss it" LiLo cameo was kind of dumb, but it sounds like she will be coming back for a few episodes in the Fall. Oh, and Hilda? You really want to get involved with a married guy? REALLY? He is pretty hot though. Sigh. No easy choices in Betty-land, eh?

American Idol: Don't watch and don't care. You want a recap of that, harass Caroline.

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Monkey Sri said...

I've just been catching up on Ugly Betty, which led to this embarrassing moment...

Gio: I don't want to be The Rebound Guy. I want to be The Guy.
Me (clutching pillow): You'll always be The Guy for me, Gio!

These are the times I thank god that I live alone.