Saturday, June 07, 2008

Castle: hopefully more than another crime serial

I love Nathan Fillion. You know it, I know it, everyone in the free world freakin knows it. I started watching Desperate Housewives for him, for goodness sake. I do like to keep an eye on him, so I occasionally visit his IMDB page.

Turns out, Nathan is filming a new tv series for 2009. It's called Castle, and here's the description from the show's website:

Castle is a witty drama based on a famous mystery novelist who helps the NYPD homicide department solve crimes.

Nick Castle [Nathan Fillion] had grown weary of having it all, “fame, fans and females”, until he was approached by the attractive Detective Kate Beckett [Stana Katic] of the NYPD to help catch the copy-cat killer staging murders based on scenes from his novels.

Castle’s approach to solving the crimes conflicts with Beckett’s conservative approach leading to much tension and a hint of romance.

Keeping Castle grounded are his mother, teenage daughter Alexis [Molly C. Quinn], poker playing friends James Patterson, Sue Grafton, and Stephen King and his ex wife Gina who is also his editor.

Ok, so wait a minute. Does that mean that James Patterson, Sue Grafton, and Stephen King will actually be in the show? Because that would be pretty awesome. And everyone loves some good old fashioned UST.

I see that ABC is the corporation behind the show....while that doesn't necessarily mean it will air on ABC, I am going to advise Nathan to avoid FOX at all costs. Let's just say he and FOX don't have the best track record.

Yeah, you look happy now, Nathan. But you better hope your new show doesn't air on FOX. Run from FOX, Nathan, run!

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