Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Wig Stands Alone

So. Alias is over. I have so many fond memories of Alias, I think I spent an entire month of weekends working my way through the first four season’s DVDs. And I love the wigs and the outfits, that was clearly the reason to watch this show. That and David Anders. And Michael Vartan. Rowr!

The thing about Alias is, you have to take it for what it is. The premise is probably the most ridiculous thing ever, what with the fifteenth century inventory/philosopher/prophet who spent his life creating these cryptic puzzles about a super spy Chosen One and inventions that did things like print the word “peace” and create giant floating red balls that if they get you wet you turn into a zombie.

See what I mean?

But it was still awesome. And it was one of the few shows that never really got off the ground ratings wise, but the network respected its audience and its creator enough to give the show a great run and a truly great finale. Plus, ABC worships at the altar of J.J. Abrams. And last night was the last episode ever of the show that made Jennifer Garner a star and made us realize how incredibly awesome an actor Victor Garber is.

The finale covered all the bases. Flashbacks to Sydney’s past? Check. Explosions/near death experiences? Check. Return of old characters such as Sark and NotEvilFrancie? Check. Lean Olin? Check. Wigs? Ummm…not so much, but hey, nobody’s perfect.

And I have to say I am totally content with the way the show ended and where the characters ended up. I knew Jack was going to bite it, but having him take out Sloane and trap him for all eternity in the prison of his own making was perfect. I love that Syd and Vaughn got their happy ending (on the beach no less) and I was pleasantly surprised that Dixon survived, and is apparently now a Deputy Director of the CIA. Yay! Tom died but (yawn) I never really cared about him except to note how cool it was the actor playing him was named Balthazar. And Sark survived! Best part of the finale I think. And although I saw coming that Rambaldi’s endgame was the elixir that would provide ever-lasting life (they’ve pretty much been broadcasting that since the second season, and can we please never use the word “endgame” again?), it was still dramatic to see Sloane come back from the dead like that. And it was enough of a big deal that I would believe Irina would be willing to sacrifice everything for it. At the end of the day, I do believe that she loved Syd and Jack, but not enough to give up her quest for ultimate power for them.

End of Series Quiz

Favorite Episode(s): The Telling; second season finale. Best tv fight ever. In this corner Sydney, in the other corner Evil Francie. Oh and Syd wakes up in Hong Kong like two years later and Vaughn is married. ACK!

Favorite Character(s): Sark yo. I cannot believe David Anders is really American.

Favorite Quote:
Sydney (in Eurotrash disguise): “Don't. Touch. The fur. OK, you may touch it... Once”

Gone Before It’s Time? GOD no. I cannot believe this show hung around as long as it did. And it was always ridiculous. And awesome.

At Least We’ll Always Have…Arista’s DVDs. I’m not shelling out cash for my own.

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