Thursday, May 11, 2006

His Name was Cassidy, He Was A Showgirl...

Showgirl, sociopath, they all mean the same thing right? So we have come to the end of an era. The second season of Veronica Mars is offically done. Now we have to wait until May 18 and the CW network upfront to learn the fate of our beloved show. But the second season went out with a bang, pardon the pun.

What do we know? We know Cassidy (aka Beaver) was responsible for the bus crash.

Motive: to silence Peter and Marcos from coming forward with the revelation that the three of them were molested by the Mayor, Steve Buttenberg.

Means: Cassidy's Dad's mechanic, Curly Moran, was a Hollywood stunt coordinator who was in charge of blowing shit up in the movies. Cassidy learned from him, and perfected his craft creating explosions for his friend Hart's at-home movies (the same Hart who recorded Lynn Echols jumping to her death last year).

Outcome: Veronica figures it all out and a rooftop confrontation with Cassidy (where he also blows up the plane carrying Steve Buttenberg) ends with him stepping off the roof to his death. See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!

Why: Umm...because he was fuckin crazy y'all.

The Real Reason Why: Cassidy had been molested by Buttenberg and had been emotionally abused by his father and brother his entire life. Dude had some serious baggage. However, I'm not quite sure why he was so desperate to keep the knowledge of his molestation a secret, I guess he didn't want to face the humiliation? In fact, he was so desperate to keep it a secret that he blew up an entire bus of people. So, I'm gonna go with my original theory of "fuckin crazy."

Best "HOLY CRAP" moment: Panning back from the muzzle of the gun to see it was Clarence Weidman who shot Aaron Echols. So! Awesome!

Second best "HOLY CRAP" moment: Logan smooches. Duh.

But there are some lingering questions. Who was the Sally person Cassidy referred to earlier this season that caused Dick to not punch him? What was in the briefcase Kendall presented to Keith? Will Weevil go to jail for Thumper's murder? Will Lamb ever get the smackdown he so richly deserves? Is Logan going to college (methinks there might be an Echols Hall being built at Hearst next year)?

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