Tuesday, February 06, 2007

More Tim Gunn, I tell you, MORE!

Words cannot express my love for Tim Gunn. Even my Mom knows it; when I drove up her driveway yesterday, she burst out the front door (in curlers no less) and shouted, “Tim Gunn is on Oprah…hurry!” Of course, I rushed inside and watched Tim Gunn and Bobbi Brown (the makeup maven, not the singer *shudder*) perform miraculous makeovers on normal women. So imagine my delight when I found this article from Entertainment Weekly noting that not only will Tim be returning for Project Runway 4, but he will have his own show on Bravo, AND will have his own book in May 2007. Which I am so pre-ordering right now from Amazon. But in sad news, he will be leaving Parsons and becoming the head of Liz Claiborne’s clothing line. Which, good for you Tim, but if I was a student at Parson’s, I would demand half my tuition money back. Finally, how awesome is that Tim's nickname is "the silver fox?" So dashing!

Note: I know there has been a significant delay in posting lately, mostly due to my laptop deciding to explode. I try not to post from work, but I can see that is no longer feasible. So check daily for updates!

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