Friday, March 14, 2014


I don't think I told you guys that At Midnight is my new favorite show, but At Midnight is my new favorite show. It is hosted by the totes adorbz Chris Hardwick, of Nerdist fame.

Hi, ladies. It's Pi Day.

I have been watching it for a few months now and I haven't told you to go watch it right now, but you should go watch it right now. 

Seriously, I liked this show before it was cool. Fo shizzle. My fangirldom reached new heights the other evening when Wil Wheaton, of TNG and internet fame, appeared on an episode the other evening and made fun of Florida.

I really do hope they have Patrick Stewart on as a guest at some point.

I don't even feel compelled to do any ab workouts anymore because I laugh so hard for the 23 or so minutes of this show. 

Basically, it's an improv game show, sort of on the order of Whose Line with less physical activity. And no props. I actually think they should add in props. I love props. Three comedians appear and are awarded points to their responses in categories based of whatever happened on the internet that day, and they can also be awarded points by saying something off-the-cuff that makes the audience laugh. Game categories are some assortment of: Rapid Refresh, FTW (final round), New Netflix Categories, Hashtag Wars, Confession Bear, Rich Cat or Poor Cat, Unfriend Me and suchlike

At Midnight airs, shockingly enough, at midnight, on Comedy Central, after Colbert. 

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