Monday, February 11, 2013

Secret Boyfriend of the Week: He Sings! He Dances!

With barely no media fanfare whatsoever, Smash returned last week!

Remember, Smash? The show that everyone fawned over when it first aired and then grew to love to hate as the season devolved into kind of a mess? It became the poster child for hate-watching, though I have to admit that I still liked it even when other people had given up. 

As far as I can determine there were four reasons why people hated the show (and they are all valid complaints):

1) Debra Messing's character wore really ugly scarves;

2) Debra Messing's affair was written as creepily as possible (as he undressed her, she was crying. It was gross);

3) the character of Ellis was incredibly annoying;

4) nobody in their RIGHT MIND would EVER think that Katherine McPhee is a better actress, singer, or Marilyn Monroe than Megan Hilty. 

Most of these things appear to have been corrected in season 2, and based on the season premiere last week, we're off to a good start! The scripts were tighter, the world of the show has been opened to incorporate new plots (and possibly new musicals in development) and I like all the new characters. Unfortunately, the ratings kind of sucked which makes me think Smash is not long for this world...but I intend to enjoy the show for as long as it lasts. 

Which brings me to this week's Secret Boyfriend. May I present: Jeremy Jordan. 


He's adorable. And he sings.....oh, god, can he sing. On the show he plays a singer/songwriter who is working on a musical with his gay best friend (though he's straight and the love interest for Katherine McPhee). Oh, and he's also kind of a dick. But that's because he's damaged and just needs someone to love! Or, because he's a dick.

Point is, he's really good on the show. But to me, he will always be Jack Kelly in Newsies. I was lucky enough to catch it on Broadway last summer and he blew me away.

Look at him with his cute hat and newspaper bag!

Jeremy Jordan hits the Maggie Cats trifecta: cute, sings, dances. And for that, he's the Secret Boyfriend of the Week!

Smash returns Tuesday, February 19 at 10pm on NBC. If you missed the season premiere, it's available on the NBC website.

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