Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday blues

It's Friday, and there's a lot of stuff I could write about. I could write about how much I like Nashville, even though its ratings are kind of sucking. I could also write about how disappointed I am so far in the new drama 666 Park Avenue. Or I could even discuss last night's winner of Project Runway and how the show seems to dip even further into mediocrity.

But it's raining, I'm stuck at work, and I'm tired. So I'll save those thoughts above for posts next week and instead share this:
 Look! They're puppies and beagles and they're adorable! Awwwww.

What? That doesn't have anything to do with television? GOD. FINE. You people are so demanding.

I'll throw you a bone (see what I did there?) and speaking of animals, the wretched new comedy Animal Practice just got cancelled (like anybody cares), and PETA is apparently having a field-day. Good for them.

Now, more puppies! And just to show this blog's commitment to ethnic diversity...

It's a puggle puppy! Half the beagle, all the cute.

When you have a tv blog you can post whatever you want on it, but for now you get puppies.

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