Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Fall TV 2012

As the TV Sluts regular contributors are enjoying some fun in the sun this week, we're putting up a bunch of guest posts from our friends to keep your eyeballs occupied. Here is a post from Priya, talking about how she organizes her fall tv viewing schedule. Enjoy!

It's Coming.....It's Coming!

There are a number of reasons to hate Labor Day weekend. The end of summer, the imminent acknowledgment that warm weather will soon be drifting away for the cooler temperatures of fall. ...and then there are reasons to love Labor Day weekend, the imminent cooler temperatures (goodbye, humidity) and the advent of the Fall Television Season.

One of my pre-premiere rituals is to write up my fall television schedule, and I always find myself contemplating if it should be organized by date or by network. Not a life and death decision, but despite the usefulness of a DVR there are still those shows that I prefer to watch live, and having a schedule doesn't hurt. Organizing the schedule by date makes it easier to keep track, but network just seems more orderly. That being said, with the addition of HBO, BBC America, and USA's endless array of addicting characters it's become a full roster.

So here's what I'm looking for this coming season:

1. The Observers Are Coming, The Observers Are Coming. With only thirteen episodes left on the Fringe wagon I'm looking forward to learning what happens to our intrepid team of investigators. Will Walter finally call Astrid by her real name? Will Olivia and Peter make it through? And how will they get rid of those crazy bald headed world-stalkers?

2. Who Killed Beckett's Mother? No really, I'm Serious Who Dunnit? Beckett and Castle becoming an item aside, I'm looking forward to an adventure filled premier that will give us one more clue in the ever continuing saga that is solving Beckett's mother's murder. And more importantly—who is going to get those two crazy sidekicks Esposito and Ryan back to being friends?

 3. HIMYM: I know there are a ton of folks out there who are ready to let this ship set sail, and I'm with you—they can only string us along so far. However, its really the only show that consistently, even when it's not up to par with Season 1 still makes me laugh my socks off. So I can't wait to see how the Barney/Robin relationship evolves and maaaayyyybe find out who the mother is.

4. Honorable Mention: The Office. Was going to give this up, until they dropped THE FINAL SEASON label on it.

What else am I watching this fall? Bones, NCIS, New Girl, Big Bang Theory, 30 Rock, Grey's Anatomy, Community, Once Upon a Time, Dr. Who, White Collar and Top Chef Masters.

As for new shows? With two biting the dust (so far) this season I'm open to checking out some that are just launching. My newbies are: Revolution, Nashville, Go On, and The Mindy Project (whose pilot I've enjoyed already.)

So there it is—my schedule for 2012—color coded and everything. What are you looking forward to this fall?

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Emma Perry said...

I love your schedule! I need to draw one up for myself sometime soon, because there are SO many shows I’m planning to watch. The sad part is that I work late nights at Dish, so I’m never home for any evening TV anymore. That’s the main reason why I’m so glad I have a Hopper with 2,000 hours of recording space – I will NEVER run out of room and I’ll always come home to a full DVR. I really loved The Mindy Project pilot, so I’m really excited for more of that one, and I’m also really looking forward to Nashville. Connie Britton is a queen and I will watch anything she is involved in from start to finish!