Thursday, June 21, 2012

Secret Girlfirend of the Week: Ellen Greene

There I am, working my way through the latest episode of Bunheads thinking, "well, this has turned out to be more depressing than I bargained for" and all of a sudden there appeared, like a mirage in the middle of the desert, ELLEN GREENE.

You probably know her from Pushing Daisies, or Little Shop of Horrors, or even Heroes where she played Sylar's crazy-ass Mom. But all you need to know is that she is made of awesome. And possibly botox, because DAMN she looks good.

 And she's just so damn whimsical!

I'm not an Ellen Greene expert or anything, but being able to rattle off three big-name film and tv credits makes me think that I know a little something about her schtick. And much like her face, singing voice, and her soul, she is known for being magic. She plays crazy really well, and while she usually sticks with "harmless and sweet" crazy like in Bunheads, sometimes she can veer into "keep her away from sharp implements!" type of crazy like in Heroes.

She's also ridiculously sexy. Anyone who has seen her portrayal of Audrey in Little Shop knows that she can play sex-kitten until the cows come home, but she also always retains a sense of innocence that is unbelievably appealing. Even in Pushing Daisies (more than 20 years after Little Shop), Aunt Vivian was way more attractive than any reclusive shut-in old maid Aunt has a right to be.

 Suddenly Seymour...notices that Audrey has boobs.

The appearance of Ellen Greene on Bunheads got me way excited about the show again, especially in light of what I found to be a disappointing (and overly twee) second episode. If Amy Sherman-Palladino has any sense at all, she will make Ms. Greene a regular character stat. And allow her to sing, because according to IMDB, other than her Broadway roles, she got her start in the 1970s as a cabaret singer.


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