Monday, May 21, 2012

Last Saturday, I took a day trip up to New York City to see the Broadway show Newsies* with a friend. It makes for a long day, but is actually quite an easy trip since you can get there and back on the buses that run direct between NYC and DC.

After the show, my friend and I were walking around mid-town looking for a place to eat that wasn't jammed with the Time Square crowds, and lo and behold, there on Sixth Venue next to Bryant Park was this:

An HBO store! OH HELL YES.

There are few things I enjoy more than watching HBO shows and shopping. And now I could combine the two of them. It was like the chocolate and peanut butter of consumerism.

The shop is small, but packed to the brim with cool items from HBO programming. Of course you can get t-shirts from almost every show, but there are also mini-bottles of True Blood, high heel key chains from Sex and the City, fedoras from Boardwalk Empire, and a TON of Game of Thrones-related paraphernalia. I might have picked up an item or two (or three of four) and definitely made some progress into my Christmas shopping (it's never too early to start).

Clearly, Game of Thrones is the big show right now and on display within the shop are costumes from the program. I was able to snag some pics of some of the coolest ones:

Sansa as a southern belle. Before the beatings began obvy, since it's not stained with blood.

There isn't enough Spanx in the world to get me into this thing.

Dani's rustic camping outfit. This looks positively demure next to Melisandre's dress. Perfect for casual friday!

So if you're in Manhattan at the corner of Sixth and 43rd, stop on in. The employees are friendly (and as nerdy as me when it comes to tv), the merchandise is plentiful, and I would bet my bottom dollar you can find something for any HBO-fan.

*in case you were wondering, Newsies was awesome. Fun, energetic, earnest, toe-tapping and without the tragedy that seems to define the modern musical. Sometimes you just want to see a bunch of dudes dancing and singing, am I right? It had a very classic Hollywood musical feel to it.

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