Sunday, April 22, 2012

The British Are Coming!

Ladies and Gentlemen (and I mean that literally), start your Squee-ing.

Those landed members of the aristocracy living in the Greater Washington DC area can soon rejoice: local broadcaster WETA Television announced today their new television station WETA UK will start broadcasting on June 2. The station will air “British television programming at its best”, including cable productions and shows from the BBC.

Programming highlights on the station’s website include a wide variety of British television shows, straight to your American non-BBC America-having television seven days a week. Selections run the gamut, including classics like Monarch of the Glen, Robin Hood, and “vintage” Doctor Who, as well as modern comedies Keeping Up Appearances, Are You Being Served? and Fawlty Towers. And yes, even the original Antiques Roadshow will be there. Get ready for lots of stuffy British folk being upset that grandmum’s tea cozy does not, in fact, date back to Queen Anne. 

“At auction, I’d expect to bash you about the head with this if you don’t shut up about how Gram kept her house.”

DC area folk can catch WETA UK at channel 265 on Comcast, 800 on Cox, 474 on Verizon FiOS, 39 on RCN and via antenna at 26.2. 


Maggie Cats said...

Monarch of the Glen and Robin Hood are pretty awesome, hurray!

Caroline said...

NO. WAY. Best news i've heard all day!