Thursday, August 11, 2011

Curiosity Killed the Bible

Last Sunday, The Discovery Channel debuted their latest program: Curiosity. You can't claim that the program isn't ambitious; each episode tackles one the "big" questions of science, technology, and culture. For example, the first episode asks the question, "Did God Create the Universe?"

See? When the Discovery Channel does something, they certainly don't half-ass it.

Next week's question is "Alien Invasion: Are We Ready?" Spoiler alert: NO. Please. If a civilization that had achieved space travel came to Earth and decided they wanted it, they would so just kill us. Just saying.

Oh, right the show. I really enjoyed the first episode. Every episode has a celebrity host and the first one was hosted by Stephen "Motherfucking" Hawking (with a little help from the new Sherlock Holmes, Benedict Cumberbatch). The episode started out with tracing the history of astronomy and when it got to current theories went waaaaaaaaaaay back in time to the Big Bang and what started it.

Another spoiler alert: the show (well, Stephen Hawking) concludes that God doesn't exist. Sorry, guys (cue the sad trombone). Let me see if I can sum this up. Basically, right before the Big Bang, all the matter, energy, and space in the universe was compressed to a infinitesimally small single point, like a black hole. It was so dense in there that time itself did not exist. And if there was not time, there was no God.

I know, right? This is some heavy stuff. But that's just Stephen Hawking's opinion. He once recommended a restaurant to me and I thought it was terrible so you have to take his ideas with a grain of salt.

The show and the content are fascinating and the production values are stellar. There are awesome special effects and graphics, and the difficult concepts are explained well for a layman, but not substantially dumbed down. You need to pay attention, but I am such a nerd I was kind of riveted. And the celebrity hosts are easy on the ears.

So tune in this Sunday to find out how badly mankind will get its ass kicked by the aliens! Curiosity airs Sunday evenings at 8:00pm EST on The Discovery Channel.

Where's your god now? Oh, wait...

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