Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The good old days.

A few weeks ago I randomly decided to start watching Alias. Like a lot of shows (Gossip Girl, Heroes, etc.), Alias had an awesome first season and then made a gradual decline in drekitude. Its mythology got too complex, the characters and plots got too ridiculous...things just went off the rails. But I have very fond memories of the first season, so I decided to give it another watch. And of course I got hooked again.

While rewatching there were lots of things that I was reminded of. And since I am such a nice person, or because I needed to come up with something to blog about, I decided to share them with you.

1. The wigs were really cool. The iconic pink one from the pilot is my favorite, but Sydney was truly a master of head and hair disguise.

2. Victor Garber is a) incredibly awesome and b) can say more just by pursing his lips than most actors can say in an entire monologue.

3. David Anders (aka Sark) is smoking.

4. The Rambaldi foolishness may have been present and planned from the beginning, but I pretty much had no idea what was going on even from the second episode. And you thought it just got complicated in the later seasons.

5. Bradley Cooper! I always felt kind of superior to everyone that I discovered how neat he was back in 2001, way before The Hangover came out.

6. Sydney's friends' social lives were always annoying. I mean, really. There are wigs and asskicking to hand out--do you think I really care about lame Francine and her relationship troubles? NOT.

7. Sydney cries at least once in every episode. Every. Single Episode.

Will I keep with my rewatch through the other seasons? I can't say for sure right now. I seem to remember Season 2 had some pretty cool moments and one hell of a cliff hanger, but do I want to waded through more of the Rambaldi stuff to get there? I dunno. Until then, I still have lots more wigs to enjoy.

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Priya said...

I watched it from beginning to end....and while the 4th season was perhaps the most frustrating, I still remember watching that season 2 episode after the Super Bowl when they took down the Alliance. My Alias watching buddy and I screamed...literally. It was awesome.

Not to mention the hotness of Michael Vartan.

Once I got all the DVD's I did a committed re-watch about two years ago and found that there are actually some really great episodes in S4 and S5 and that as a series it rocks much more than Covert Affairs.