Monday, September 13, 2010

I also accessorize my bikini with a side of whoop ass.

Well, color me shocked, but so far the CW is 2 for 2. Their second new show, Nikita, turned out to be really entertaining and (shocker) well made and acted...although to be fair, I haven't totally made up my mind about Shane West.

If you want a good brief recap of the show check out the recaplet from TWOP, but I am sure you know the basics. Girl in prison is recruited by super secret government agency to become an assassin. Girl is awesome assassin, but then then falls in love. Secret government agency murders her fiance. Girl swears revenge!

Nikita picks up three years after the above events. Nikita has been hanging out under the radar for awhile, but has now decided that it's the right time to kick things into gear and bring down The Division (the above referenced super secret government agency). Not only do we see what Nikita is up to (which in the pilot is basically leading the Division guys around by the nose), but the show also follows Alex, a new recruit in The Division. This keeps the show really interesting; we get to see what a broken mess Nikita is, but also get a good idea of how she got to be that way by watching Alex's experience.

The pilot was nice to look at, kept my attention with its action, and had plenty of twists and turns, including an awesome surprise at the very end. Maggie Q seems pretty badass, and while I think she is way too thin to be the sexbomb she portrays, I like her. Especially when she convinces Shane West's character to let her go from a tight spot...and then shoots him in thanks. My kind of girl.

If this keeps up, the CW is going to be my number one channel this Fall. Actually, come to think of it, it might be already. And I can't decide if that means I am happening or just sad. Especially since their target audience consists of 18 year old girls.

You may be able to snap a guy's neck like a twig, but you shouldn't look like one. Eat a cookie, honey.

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