Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Live-blogging the Jericho premiere

8:02: Did Skeet Ulrich always have such big teeth? I remember him in Scream and in As Good As It Gets, and it seriously looks like his teeth are trying to escape from his mouth. I am a bit afraid, to be honest.
8:05: Ok, that big red-haired dude is such a bad actor. And men do not hug like that. This show is totally gay!
8:09: The blonde chick looks familiar...where have I seen her? Is she supposed to be his love interest? Because there is no chemistry there.
8:11: This show blows. I am outta here.

--Maggie Cats


Okay, y'all, Heroes aired last night. My recap will be up at Fandom Talk by Friday night at the latest; please go and read it! Then post like mad in the forums, because i want my show to be loved by millions. Also i'd like to keep my job :-)

First impressions: Obviously, i adore Super Hiro. Who doesn't? I was surprised at all the interconnections among the characters. I'm on the fence re: Claire; i thought her invincibility scenes were a little egregiously gory, but she's intruiging enough to win me over in the next several episodes. Nikki's power is dangerous, and i wonder if her son has a larger role to play in the development of it. Ali Larter kicked all types of ass, though -- i'd pick her as the strongest actor in the bunch so far.

More later. But: WOOHOO!! Heroes!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

All hail the fall!!

Well, at long last, i have returned to poke my slacker head back in here. Maggie Cats and i have decided upon a new feature at tvsluts: A brief, trenchant commentary about each of the fall premieres, more or less posted after the first episode. This includes, of course, only the shows that we actually watch -- none of that Six Degrees drivel for us! (One JJ Abrams follow-the-bouncing-ball serial is enough, thanks.)

To inaugurate this new feature, feast your television sensibilities on the following commentary—courtesy of Maggie Cats—on the brilliant Aaron Sorkin's newest vehicle: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

Aww, Aaron Sorkin, how I have missed you. Your snappy, quick-paced dialogue, your loving characterization, your ability to preach for hours on end about the evils of the world. Welcome back!

I enjoyed the Studio 60 pilot; I found it interesting, well-paced, and mostly set-up for what I am sure will be a fantastic series. I think the problems the pilot had are the problems any pilot has; there is a lot of exposition in the form of characters telling each other things and trying to explain why they would need to tell each other them. But any show that starts out with Judd Hirsch is ok by me! And now he can go back to Numb3rs where he belongs. I figured this show would be entertaining when my mother (who has the attention span of a gnat…no, seriously, an actual gnat, it’s scientifically proven) declared that she had to pause the show to go get her glasses to ensure she wouldn’t miss anything, instead of just wandering off for 10 minutes as she usually does. She also misses like half the dialogue on Sorkin shows and asks me what happened and then I tell her and miss the next 5 minutes of dialogue. You know, come to think of it, perhaps I shouldn’t watch tv with my mom anymore.

The point is, if you liked West Wing, you’ll like Studio 60, although there are some differences. It takes place in more than one building, it has awesome music (woot David Bowie and Queen!), and the atmosphere is more hip and casual. However, it is still comprised mostly of people walking quickly and talking and it has Bradley Whitford and his adorable dimples which automatically makes it worthwhile in my book. So I will definitely be checking out Studio 60 as long as it’s on the air, which hopefully will be as long as Sorkin is around to write it. But one word of warning: railing against the television industry and telling me how your characters are better than that is fine, and it fit with the plot of the show so I am ok with it for the pilot. But it will get tiresome if the show goes that direction every week. I’m keeping my eye on you, Sorkin.

Random comment: Which one is Matt and which one is Danny? Can anybody tell which is which?