Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Okay, y'all, Heroes aired last night. My recap will be up at Fandom Talk by Friday night at the latest; please go and read it! Then post like mad in the forums, because i want my show to be loved by millions. Also i'd like to keep my job :-)

First impressions: Obviously, i adore Super Hiro. Who doesn't? I was surprised at all the interconnections among the characters. I'm on the fence re: Claire; i thought her invincibility scenes were a little egregiously gory, but she's intruiging enough to win me over in the next several episodes. Nikki's power is dangerous, and i wonder if her son has a larger role to play in the development of it. Ali Larter kicked all types of ass, though -- i'd pick her as the strongest actor in the bunch so far.

More later. But: WOOHOO!! Heroes!!

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Cheryl said...

Claire's scenes are disgusting, you're right, but she's also from Odessa which is infinitely awesome and makes me love her. They even got the OHS school colors right!!

Even though the show is fantasy, it's actually really believable that someone from the Permian Basin would have some freaky, genetic ability. With all the oil refineries, I'm only surprised there hasn't been someone born there with them already.