Thursday, December 14, 2006

When Bad Hair Happens to Good People

TV can be wonderful. It can bring such joy, but it can also bring such pain. Like when tv executives insist on hiding adorable boys behind horrible hair. WTF, tv executives, WTF? Here are some recent notable examples:

J-Pad from Supernatural. Also known as, the flying nun. Seriously. Not only does he never get laid on this show, but his hair has wings. I am pleased to report that in recent weeks his hair has improved, but I am still keeping my eye on him. He rates yellow on the Hair Alert Meter.

Milo on Heroes. My GOD the bangs. I think he has made brushing the emo bangs away from his face an essential part of his acting strategy. Lose the bangs, save the world. A solid orange on the Hair Alert Meter.

Sawyer. Oh, Sawyer. You were so promising. You were all manly and angsty. And then you had to keep being mean to Hurley and made me hate you. Also, your hair is gross. I realize there is no more shampoo since the hatch exploded, but Kate cut it once and she needs to do it again. STAT. Sawyer has been elevated to the red level on Hair Alert Meter.

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